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andy was born in 1956 in Ossett, West Yorkshire. At the age of 8, the gift of a brand new piano from his grandparents, helped fuel his love for music and so his music career began with piano lessons from local concert pianist, Miss Annie Skinner.

Although Andy had numerous successes at the local music festivals and competitions playing piano solo's and duets, it was the church organ that really interested Andy and at the age of 15, he became church organist at South Ossett Parish Church, taking lessons from Dr. Donald Hunt at Leeds Parish Church and Keith Rhodes at Bradford Cathedral. This led to Andy leaving school at 16 and attending the City of Leeds College of Music until the age of 18.

Andy then went on to further his studies at the London College of Music and it was here that his love of the orchestra and orchestration really came to the forefront of his musical career, studying conducting with Christopher Fry and Sir Adrian Boult.

Whilst at the London College of Music, Andy was awarded the coveted Bromley Derry Award and a scholarship from the Worshipful Company of Musicians to study conducting at the Academia de Chigiana in Sienna, Italy.

On his return from Italy, and finding himself in a 'catch 22' situation, he applied for a part-time job at Lewisham Organ Centre, London. With the help and guidance of owner Les Hill, this was to be the start of a 25 year career within the electronic keyboard & organ industry, which saw Andy rise from shop-floor demonstrator to demonstrating and managing the UK promotional activity for one of the world's leading electronic musical instrument manufacturers - Technics Musical Instruments.

The electronic keyboard & organ world was ideal for Andy, as he could easily adapt his orchestral arrangements to the various keyboards, a talent which saw him perform at all the major festivals both in the UK and overseas, including the Technics World Music Festivals in Vancouver, Canada and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

During his 18 years with Technics, Andy was involved with forming and eventually managing the Technics Music Academy, an electronic keyboard & organ teaching system which had over 9000 students in the UK. Andy also re-acquainted himself with the London College of Music by partnering the Technics Music Academy with the LCM and their QCA accredited examination syllabus.

Since leaving Technics in 2004, Andy has worked extensively arranging, orchestrating and composing. He has worked on various music preparation projects and is musical assistant to award winning composer, arranger, conductor - John Cameron. His connection with the London College of Music continues, as he has written pieces for their current Electronic Keyboard Syllabus, and with long time friend, Tony Pegler, written a Keyboard and Organ Performance Guide to compliment the new syllabus.

When time allows, Andy's other great passion in life, is supporting his beloved Huddersfield Town.

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